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Forms Of Desire

Is sexuality a construct, if so what does that mean for people who identify through a specific orientation?

A theme explored in Edward Steins book "Forms Of Desire", is the notion that sexuality is a construct. A social construct could be seen as an artificial, malleable part of the human condition that is present at that moment in time, or over various periods of history. Whilst reading this book I was confronted by questions about my own sexuality. If homosexuality is a concept, have I adopted it for an unconscious reason, or is it a natural part of me?
I have often question my opposite-sex relations. I am occasionally attracted to men, but I cant seem to be truly attracted to them in the way women are. Is this through years of self regulation within a world that defines homosexuality as a particular thing, or because it is natural to have a more fluid form of sexuality. If I were to sleep with a man I liked, I would feel bad and that is absurd. Kinsey argued that people have fluid, and inter binary sexuality that span far and wide. Sexuality between straight and gay was only established by Victorians in the 19thC and psychologist in the 50s. So is se, and sexual orientation relative to the time? Throughout my degree i wish to explore this theory further. 

Foucault argues that homosexuality is just a deviant from the norm, rather than same sex-relationships. I find it hard to believe that with the utter cacophony of representations over every aspect of life, that there can be an "essence" of a human being. Is this how i have sub-consciously chosen to act? If nothing is natural about human nature, perhaps 
Philosophers have treated the theory of social construction as an eternal entity, and its valued in relation to the way objectivity would, which is unfair, as social construction is dismissing the standards by which these people judge its theory. 



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